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​​What are the requirements of the Refugee Application?

Syrian or Iraqi Armenian Refugees with a qualified Canadian Sponsor living in the GTA. (See below for co-sponsor qualifications)

  • Refugee needs to be out of Syria/country of birth
  • Residence will be preferably in Lebanon or Jordan
  • It is imperative to have a family or friend living in Ontario to financially sponsor for the first 12 months in Ontario
  • Proof of birth certificate (Baptism certificate)
  • All refugees should visit a designated health clinic within two weeks of arrival. More info here:
  • Copies of first and second page of passport
  • United nations registration certificate (UNHCR)
  • Marriage certificate and if widow/widower, death certificate
  • All documents MUST be translated in English (by a sworn translator)

For detailed information click here:

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​​What are the requirements of the Co-Sponsor?

  • Full Financial support for one year (click here for Sponsorship Cost table)
  • ​Meeting upon arrival at the airport
  • Housing and living for one year in Ontario
  • Assistance in completing the application forms (Health, SIN, PR & etc…)
  • Assisting in securing employment​
  • Clothing and material support
  • Moral support
  • Assistance to obtain school admittance for children
  • Enrolling in English as Second Languages classes
  • Ensure family stays in Ontario for a minimum of one year

​​Who is eligible?

Syrian or Iraqi Armenian Refugees with a qualified Canadian Sponsor living in the GTA. (See below for co-sponsor qualifications)

Syrian Refugee Settlement

​​What is SAH?

SAH (Sponsorship Agreement Holder) A SAH forms a partnership with an individual or another organization. These are known as co-sponsors. The co-sponsor must agree to FULLY FINANCIALLY SUPPORT and help deliver settlement assistance and share the responsibility for supporting the sponsored refugees. 


​​Health Info for New Syrian Refugees:

Armenian Family Support Services is informed that all refugees should visit a designated local health clinic within two weeks of arrival. If you have sponsored a family or individual from Syria or Iraq, you are asked to bring the refugees to a designated Refugee Clinic for a medical check-up.

In Toronto, the Crossroads Clinic at Women's College Hospital is one such designated clinic dedicated to monitoring the health and well being of Syrian Refugees. The clinic will be rotating throughout the GTA to make access easier.

Click on the links below to find out more information:

Women's College Hospital

Immigration Services - Kingston Community Health Centres

Refugee Health -  British Columbia, Canada

Additional helpful information on health care for children new to Canada can be found by visiting the "Caring for Kids New to Canada" website developed by the Canadian Pediatric Society. Click here:  


​​What are the next steps?

If you are interested in sponsoring your family member(s) or would like to sponsor refugees who do not have families in Canada, please contact our office at email: or telephone: 416-431-5549.

For more information on the private refugee sponsorship program and becoming a co-sponsor, please visit

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