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​A Reason To Celebrate!!!

Celebrating 25th wedding anniversary is indeed a special event. But for our newcomers Mgrdich and Kohar Bablanian, who fled war-torn Aleppo, Syria, the celebration was so much more. The couple recently celebrated their Silver wedding anniversary with an intimate group of friends and family, where they gathered in the festively decorated party room of the building they now call home. The table was flowing with traditional Armenian and Middle Eastern favorites, while the music kept the couple and their guests moving on the dance floor.
Among those invited to celebrate with the Bablanians were a few members of the Armenian Family Support Services who were instrumental in bringing the family to Canada. The Bablanians, like so many others who fled, leaving their homes and businesses in Syria behind, have now made Canada their home. They and their two sons, Shant and George, arrived in Canada a little more than two years ago - a new land with hopes and dreams of finding a peaceful and prosperous life in Canada. Armenian Family Support Services was there to welcome them, together with their private sponsor, providing the assistance and support they needed to settle in Toronto, make a home, find jobs, and begin to re-build their lives.
During the many speeches made that evening, Mgrdich and Kohar expressed gratitude and hope - gratitude for their new life in Canada and hope for the future of their family. It was indeed a special reason to celebrate!

September 7

Employment Workshop - Finding the Right Job

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AFSS provides a wide range of settlement and integration programs and services to our newcomer families, specifically to refugees who have experienced war and hardships. Our programs and services have helped our newcomers with fully settling into their new homes and jobs, and creating a strong network within the community.

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Our Voice - Testimonials

“Mental health issues are unfortunately not easily fixed and are a long term issue. I cannot express enough, the support the Armenian Family Support Services have given my family. If it had not been for them, I dread to think of the situation that could have occurred. Now, sometime after the major breakdown and the support continues and I pray will not end soon"


Z. B.

Community Member

“AFSS provided us with both material and emotional support. That made us realize that in this foreign country {Canada], we are not alone. Thank you for the work that you do for newcomers, we really appreciate it.”


Newcomer Family

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Armenian Family Support Services in Toronto offers a variety of free services in response to our community needs. Please check our Programs and Services page for more information.


Health and Wellness Night

On Friday, August 17, 2018, Armenian Family Support Services hosted a "Health and Wellness night" for our newcomers and other members of the community. Attendees gathered in the Maral Ishkhanian hall where our first guest speaker, Ms. Marianna Trionfo-Garibyan from M&M Medical Supplies, provided information on how to access affordable medical supplies and products such as wheelchairs, walkers, glasses and much more.  
Our second guest speaker Mr. Ben Abrahamyan, hearing specialist from Ear Care Hearing Centre provided essential information about ear health, hearing aids and how regular hearing tests will help  monitor the hearing loss. Our third guest speaker, Ms. Rosita Thomassian who is an international medical graduate and public healthcare professional, discussed our health and safety in public places such as restaurants, beauty salons and outdoor recreational areas.
At the end everyone enjoyed some pizza and refreshments. Attendees left more knowledgeable about their health and safety and were provided with helpful information and contacts for their healthcare needs.

AFSS holds regular community circle events where our newcomers and community at large gather to learn new insights and get to know each other . Please join us for our next session on September 7!

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Օգնութեան Ծառայութիւն

Մեր համայնքի կարիքներուն համեմատ, Հայ Ընտանիքի Օգնութեան Ծառայութիւնը կ՛ապահովէ զանազան անվճար ծառայութիւններ: Հաճիք այցելեցեք մեր “Programs and Services” էջը յաւելեալ տեղեկութիւններու համար:

Armenian Family Support Services provided an informative session to members of the public and newcomers to Canada on the topic of "Tenant's Rights in Ontario". Annie Hodgins, from The Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation spoke to an interested group of people on Friday, March 9, 2108, about the importance of knowing your rights as a tenant, and key issues in rental accommodation that tenants should be aware of.

Attendees gathered in the Maral Ishkhanian Hall of Holy Trinity Armenian Church listened intently as  Hodgins explained about lease agreement, terminating the agreement (three months' written advance notice) eviction rules, and more. Also, she informed in 2018, the rent cannot be increased more than 1.8% of the current rental fee.You can contact the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation if you have any question regarding rental housing or you want to know more about your rights as a tenant. Please visit CERA website at

​​Community Support Circle - Tenant's Rights In Ontario Workshop by CERA

November 9

Welcome to AFSS

Armenian Family Support Services (AFSS)

is a non-profit community organization whose mission is to provide emergency support, settlement, and referral services in the Greater Toronto Area.

Հայ Ընտանիքի Օգնութեան Ծառայութիւնը (Հ.Ը.Օ.Ծ.) հասարակական բարեսիրական կազմակերպութիւն է, որուն նպատակն է աջակցել թորոնթոբնակ ժողովուրդին կարիքներին:

October 12


Community Support Circle - Seniors' Safety