Once again St. Sahag and St. Mesrob Armenian Saturday School students and staff carried out a monumental toy drive and generously donated a roomful of gifts for children of all ages. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the Principal Ms. Arpi Panossian-Muttart, Ms. Armineh Boyajian, as well as to all the teachers, parents, students and administration of St. Sahag and St. Mesrob Armenian Saturday School for once again helping us spread Children's Christmas Cheer. We could not do it without you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us put big smiles on the faces of children and hope in their parent's hearts.

On March 24, AFSS celebrated its 14th Annual Soup Kitchen event. More than 100 guests gathered ranging from our existing community along with our newcomers. Soup Kitchen, is one of our signature events with the goal of creating awareness of poverty in our society and to appreciate our everyday blessings. As the famous quote states: Soup puts the heart at ease, calms down the violence of hunger, eliminates the tension of the day and awakens and refines the appetite. "Auguste Escoffier"

Government dignitaries attended our Soup Kitchen event: MPP Mitzie Hunter, MP John McKay and MP Jean Yip. Linda Pichikian, AFSS Chair made the opening remarks , Rev. Archpriest Fr. Zareh Zargarian blessed our event and the delicious homemade soups.

The soup was served by honorable MPP Mitzie Hunter and Rev. Archpriest Fr. Zareh Zargarian. We were grateful to have two guest speakers, Kevin Sanjay Ervan, Bioenergetics Practitioner. He provided a few tips on how to improve our mental health and have a better connection between our mind, body and spirit. Our second speaker, Stan DeSouza from The Neighbourhood Group, introduced the essential tools for the job search for newcomers.Special thanks to Councillor Jim Karygiannis’s office, delivering certificate for the event and two scrolls for our guest speakers.Thank you to the following volunteers and donors who made this event such a success: Mr. Levon Karapetyan from Lavash Bread House, donating the Lavash,  CuBE Packaging Solutions for donating the Re-usable Soup Bowls. Our volunteers, Anahid Movel and Ella Sarkissian. Soup donations : Cream of Leek Soup - Seza Nazarian, Lentil Soup - Vivian Mirzoyan, Russian Barley Soup - Rita Odjaghian (Her grandmother's recipe).Bon appetit!!

Happy Canada D'eh! Fête du Canada !

This year’s Canada Day event was one for the books! 
Our newcomers and AFSS members gathered at the Fairview Library to spend the day alongside their family and friends, celebrating the way all Canadians do with food, fun, and games.
RCMP Constable Kegham Bayrakdarian came along and took pictures and spoke to everyone in attendance, while other representatives and members of public office shared inspiring words with the crowd and encourage community engagement.  We’d also like to give special thanks to long-time supporters of AFSS MPP Aris Babikian and Councillor Jim Karygiannis, and a new friend, MPP Vincent Ke.  In addition, a very big heartfelt thank you to Mr. Vasken Keshishian for taking the beautiful photos and Silva Baberian for preparing the delicious food!
In particular, we celebrated three young individuals who have accomplished unbelievable things since their arrival in the GTA. This allowed the community not only to applaud their hard work but also to recognize their dedication and resilience, setting an excellent example for the next generation of young teens to come!
This project  was funded by the Government of Canada, and had capitalized on pursuing the atmosphere of support and civic engagement alongside family fun, and the overall celebration of our beloved country of Canada!


Help Syrian Refugees

Մեր համայնքի կարիքներուն համեմատ, Հայ Ընտանիքի Օգնութեան Ծառայութիւնը կ՛ապահովէ զանազան անվճար ծառայութիւններ: Հաճիք այցելեցեք մեր “Programs and Services” էջը յաւելեալ տեղեկութիւններու համար:

AFSS 15th Annual  Children's Christmas Cheer Campaign 

AFSS 14th Annual Soup Kitchen


Your kind donation will help support newcomers and refugees with successfully settling, integrating, and participating in our community.

AFSS provides a wide range of settlement and integration programs and services to our newcomer families, specifically to refugees who have experienced war and hardships. Our programs and services have helped our newcomers with fully settling into their new homes and jobs, and creating a strong network within the community.

Please press the donate button to support our efforts with helping refugee families lead happy and successful lives.

We sincerely thank you for your help!

Note : For those of you who are sick, elderly, or a senior, and living alone with no local family or support networks, please contact us immediately so we can determine how we can help you during this time. We can be reached in the following ways. 


Welcome to AFSS

Armenian Family Support Services (AFSS)

is a non-profit community organization whose mission is to provide emergency support, settlement, and referral services in the Greater Toronto Area.

Հայ Ընտանիքի Օգնութեան Ծառայութիւնը (Հ.Ը.Օ.Ծ.) հասարակական բարեսիրական կազմակերպութիւն է, որուն նպատակն է աջակցել թորոնթոբնակ ժողովուրդին կարիքներին:



          OF AFSS 

On Monday, September 9th, 2019 Armenian Family Support Services had the privilege to attend a wonderful reception hosted by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, to honour the dedication of people who have done so much to support refugees in Ontario. The reception was held in the splendid halls of the Lieutenant Governor’s Suite at Queens Park.

Guests were welcomed with a moving speech by Lieutenant Governor Dowdeswell, followed by a poignant message from The Honourable Ratna Omidvar, Independent Senator from Ontario and an internationally recognized voice on migration, diversity, and inclusion.
The event also featured an art exhibition featuring messages from around the world about the importance of democracy.This theme highlighted the importance of saving people from oppression and political unrest through the generosity of various sponsors in Ontario. Our unique Canadian sponsorship system serves as a model for the world and is a great example of social cohesion.
Linda Pichikian, Seza Nazarian and Rita Odjaghian were among the attendees as well as members of various faith groups, the Salvation Army, the United Way, JIAS, Jewish Immigration Aid Society, Costi, and many more.. 

MAY 02.2020

"An Amazing Recognition For AFSS",

In the past 15 years AFSS has achieved countless achievements. In the last four years AFSS has been extremely busy with the Refugee Sponsorship Program and helping refugees start out in their integration path. Our efforts have truly been like an Olympic marathon race.
On April 4th AFSS received the highest honor of being recognized by the United Nations (UNHCR) UN had an evening to recognize communities who helped several thousands of refugees to gain a dignified life in Canada. AFSS was one of them. Thank you UNHCR for the wonderful evening.

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